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Navid Samandari

Co-Founder at Seaborg Technologies

Navid Samandari is a co-founder of Seaborg and Hyme, two companies focused on advancing the energy transition through innovative solutions. With a background as a self-taught programmer who started with BASIC on the Commodore 64, Samandari has transitioned through various tech roles, eventually becoming a CTO. He also holds a degree in computer science. Over his career, he has founded multiple startups, experiencing both failures and successes that have sharpened his skills in business development, digital innovation, and strategy. His current focus is on Seaborg, where he is dedicated to developing a new type of nuclear reactor to rejuvenate nuclear energy. Samandari’s entrepreneurial journey reflects his commitment to deep tech and impactful investments, particularly in sectors that drive climate impact through radical innovation.


Exploring the Future of Energy Transition

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Rio de Janeiro – Cidade das Artes  



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