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Estefânia Laterza

Representative CAF in Brazil

Estefânia Laterza is the current representative of CAF (Development Bank of Latin America) in Brazil. With a 25-year career in the Paraguayan foreign service, she has extensive experience in managing international relations. Estefânia was the first woman to hold the position of Deputy Minister of Investments and Exports in Paraguay, leading REDIEX, the agency responsible for promoting investments and exports in the country. She also created and coordinated the Paraguay SDG Commission, tasked with monitoring, measuring results, and publicizing the progress of the 2030 Agenda in Paraguay. Estefânia has served in diplomatic posts in Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, and Switzerland, and has acted as Paraguay’s negotiator for various free trade agreements, conventions, and other international instruments on integration, cooperation, environment, politics, food security, labor, health, and more. Additionally, she is a professor at the Carlos Antonio López Diplomatic and Consular Academy and regularly contributes to publications specializing in international relations. 


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