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Erin Scott

MIT Senior Lecturer

Erin L. Scott, PhD, is a professor at MIT where she mentors early-stage entrepreneurs and teaches highly acclaimed courses on Entrepreneurial Strategy and Entrepreneurial Founding & Teams. With a PhD in Strategy from Washington University in St. Louis, obtained in 2013, and extensive academic and practical experience, she has specialized in helping innovators turn initial ideas into commercial successes. Her research has been published in prestigious journals like the Harvard Business Review and Management Science, and will contribute to a forthcoming book by Norton. Prior to her position at MIT Sloan, Scott was an Assistant Professor at the National University of Singapore Business School and completed a postdoctoral fellowship at the National Bureau of Economic Research. She has also worked as a consultant for evaluation of enterprises in the medical device and biotechnology sectors. Top of FormBottom of Form 

Exploring the Future of Energy Transition

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Rio de Janeiro – Cidade das Artes  



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