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Aspen Andersen

VP Inovação Vibra Energia

Aspen Andersen, Vice President of Technology at Vibra Energia, has been instrumental in leading the company’s comprehensive digital transformation initiatives since joining in 2003. With a background in Mechanical Engineering from UFRJ and advanced degrees including an MBA in Business Management from Ibmec and a Post-MBA in Digital Business from FGV, Andersen brings a robust educational foundation to his role. His extensive experience at BR and Petrobras in various management positions spans business development, planning, and technology. Andersen’s leadership in integrating IT across departments enhances decision-making and operational efficiency, aligning technological advancements with strategic business objectives. He is noted for his contributions to digitalization in the energy sector, focusing on the development of new energy platforms and the broader implications of digital transformation 


Exploring the Future of Energy Transition

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Rio de Janeiro – Cidade das Artes  



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